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Watch this video and more on Pilates Physio Style Online


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Small Ball

Training videos • 34m

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  • Foam Roller

    Foam rollers add increased complexity to a normal floor class by providing an unstable surface. The 'core' stabilising muscles have to work harder to allow you to balance and maintain spinal control. It also used very effectively to mobilise the spine and relieve muscular and fascial tension thro...

  • Floor + Circle Band

    This floor class uses a loop of theraband that is extremely versatile, for example it can be placed around the knees, ankles, feet, and wrists to makes your exercises that much harder! It also helps with stability and the increased control it provides helps get those stubborn hard to activate mus...

  • Slider Class

    The sliders allow for smooth movement of the joints and muscles, and because you remain in contact with the ground throughout the exercises, there are no impact forces acting upon the body. The gliding motion helps you easily achieve your optimal range of movement and works multiple muscles whils...