Fundamentals of Exercise

Fundamentals of Exercise

Not sure where to start? what it all means? This is it!
These classes cover how to breathe well, correct core activation, describe neutral spine, and what pelvic and shoulder girdle stability looks like. they help you slowly put it all together so that you are ready to launch into the other classes on the platform.

Fundamentals of Exercise
  • Breathe Well Move Well

    Breathing and posture influence each other, both should be natural and effortless. “No other movement can be normalised if your breathing is not”. Respiration has a key role in posture, spinal stability, cardiovascular function, bowel movements and continence, pain management, it boosts your immu...

  • Balance - Foundation class

    Balance is one of the most important skills we use when exercising and in our everyday lives and often it’s the one skill we neglect to train. It becomes even more important as we age. However, research has shown that if we practice balance it does improve. This class works on the three systems t...

  • Foundation Class

    A good place to start! This class covers the fundamentals of our classes such as standing with perfect posture, how to correctly activate the ‘core’ muscles and breathe well, what’s neutral spine in different positions and how to pelvic tilt using lumbopelvic control. The class also covers moving...