Stretching is an important component of fitness not to be skipped! If you want to develop and maintain optimal fitness, be sure to include stretching in your daily regimen - add it to one of our short workouts.
Stretching is not only critical to athletic performance, but to overall health. Stretching helps improve blood flow to the muscles which not only provides nourishment but reduces the post exercise soreness by ‘flushing’ the lactic acid from your muscles. It helps improve and maintain your flexibility; improving your movements patterns and reducing the risk of pain and injury. Put simply stretching feels good, it’s a natural stress reliver and a great way to cool down and relax after a class

  • "Jet Setter" Exercises

    A quick demonstration of some sitting and standing exercises to do on a plane for all you jet-setters!

  • Lower Limb Stretch Session

    Lower limb stretch session is ideal to do after a good workout involving lots of squats, lunges or after a sports which involves walking or running. The session includes stretches for the TFL/iliotibial band (ITB), quads, adductors, hip flexors, hamstrings, gluts and calves

  • Upper Limbs Stretch Session

    Great arm, neck and shoulder stretches to relieve tension and exercise soreness

  • Combo Stretches for Upper & Lower limb

    This video takes you through a whole-body static stretch session and again is a perfect ‘add on’ to any of our classes

  • Seated Stretch Session

  • Foam Roller Release Techniques

    Foam rollers add increased complexity to a normal floor class by providing an unstable surface. The 'core' stabilising muscles have to work harder to allow you to balance and maintain spinal control. It also used very effectively to mobilise the spine and relieve muscular and fascial tension thro...