PPS Classes

PPS Classes

All the classes you know and love using small equipment- foam rollers, bands, swiss ball, weights, sliders

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PPS Classes
  • Pilates Max Class

    Advanced floor class to work your whole body.

  • Hand Weights and Step Class

    A floor class with weigths and step to increase intensity. Ideally require 1/2 kg - 3kg hand weights. Moderate to advanced level

  • Strength and Conditioning Using Hand Weights

  • Floor Class

    A rounded workout focused on spinal stability, and back, abdominal and lower limb strengthening

  • Circle Band Class

    Intermediate class using a circle band particularly aimed to further engage the gluts and shoulder muscles

  • Rewind: Advanced foam roller class

    An abridged version of our classic foam roller class - squats, lunges, ab work on roller, push ups & knee draws. Add the foam roller release class to this video to balance your workout

  • Rewind: Abs, butt and back

  • Pilates Max Class

    We offer an advanced level class with strength, plyometric and cardio component. The programme has been developed for our clients that have the ability to subconsciously activate their core and can also ‘single leg squat’ and ‘hop’ with control.
    It will be a high rep, high tempo class which will ...

  • Floor + Circle Band

    This floor class uses a loop of theraband that is extremely versatile, for example it can be placed around the knees, ankles, feet, and wrists to makes your exercises that much harder! It also helps with stability and the increased control it provides helps get those stubborn hard to activate mus...

  • Small Ball Classic

    The small soft ball is a versatile piece of equipment which allows you to work to your level. It is particularly effective in performing "closed chain" exercises. In addition to activating the inner thigh muscles, squeezing the ball between the legs, has the carry-over effect of recruiting the de...

  • Prenatal Physio Class

    Our prenatal classes are divided into trimesters so that all modifications and considerations for each stage of the pregnancy can be catered for whilst still providing you with the best workout possible.
    The classes aim to;
    - assist your body to adapt to the changes of posture that occur througho...

  • Swiss Ball

    The Swiss ball challenges strength and stability by providing an unstable surface particularly requiring activation of the key stabilisers, the abdominal and back muscles. The Swiss ball also allows for core stability to be challenged in the sitting position, which functionally is very appropriat...

  • Theraband

    Resistance bands have been used extensively by physiotherapists for many years as an alternative to weights. The bands provide resistance throughout the exercise and the tension can be adapted to suit your own abilities. The resistance mut be used in conjunction with control of the movement, part...

  • Foundation Class

    A good place to start! This class covers the fundamentals of our classes such as standing with perfect posture, how to correctly activate the ‘core’ muscles and breathe well, what’s neutral spine in different positions and how to pelvic tilt using lumbopelvic control. The class also covers moving...

  • Foam Roller Classic

    Foam rollers add increased complexity to a normal floor class by providing an unstable surface. The 'core' stabilising muscles have to work harder to allow you to balance and maintain spinal control. It also used very effectively to mobilise the spine and relieve muscular and fascial tension thro...